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Code This, Not That - SpecFlow Edition

In 2007 a different kind of diet book was published that took a concise approach to making the right food choices. Readers of the book were presented with good and »

Useful Regex for SpecFlow Bindings

Below is a list of useful regular expressions (regex) for annotating SpecFlow bindings. I'm treating this post as a reference and will be updating it with new items from time »

Strategies for Managing State in SpecFlow

SpecFlow is an extension for Visual Studio that binds software specifications written in the Gherkin language to executable code written in C#, VB, or some other .NET language. One of »

SpecFlow Nested Tables: A Bad Idea

I’ve been using SpecFlow to write behavior specifications for just under a year, and one question that comes up is whether or not nested tables are supported for creating »

More SpecFlow Tips

UPDATE (11/18/2016): I've written a number of posts since this one was published that cover advanced SpecFlow topics like composable steps, tags done right, managing state, useful regex, »