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String.Empty Versus ""

If you've been in the .NET world for any length of time, you'll eventually come across someone who claims String.Empty performs better than "". I was always skeptical »

The Best Design Patterns

The first time I read the Gang of Four Design Patterns book, I was impressed, no blown away, by the brilliance of what I was reading.  The Visitor pattern utilizing »

Text Parsing with F#

I’ve always had a fear of parsing text.  Strange since it’s a basic programmer’s task.  I’ve always found it to be tedious and boring, »

The Dangers of Mutable Data

I recently came across a bug in some C# code that would never have been a problem if the data structures being used were immutable.  The data consisted of a »

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Best Practices for Creating and Consuming Modal Dialogs in WinForms

This is an article I wrote a few years ago after seeing some bad coding practices around modal dialogs in WinForms.  Bad habits like explicitly closing the dialog form and »