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Executing Actions Before and After Code Blocks with IDisposable

I ran into a scenario this week where a boolean field was being flipped temporarily to modify behavior elsewhere while a block of code was executing.  I have seen »

Text Parsing with F#

I’ve always had a fear of parsing text.  Strange since it’s a basic programmer’s task.  I’ve always found it to be tedious and boring, »

Creating Mocks with F# Object Expressions

When I read about F# object expressions, the first thought that popped into my head was to use them to create mocks for unit tests.  For those of you »

F# Functions: Tuple Syntax

I’m relatively new to F# and functional programming and recently worked through an issue that had me perplexed.  The issue was with creating functions with the “tuple syntax” versus »

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My First Blog Post

I've always told myself that I needed to start blogging and get my thoughts out there. Well, after years of putting it off, I finally got started. I decided to »

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