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String.Empty Versus ""

If you've been in the .NET world for any length of time, you'll eventually come across someone who claims String.Empty performs better than "". I was always skeptical »

A Shared Development Database is Bad...Very Bad

The software development group at my office has a shared database that developers connect to for their daily work. In the last few months, the number of developers has doubled, »

Code This, Not That - SpecFlow Edition

In 2007 a different kind of diet book was published that took a concise approach to making the right food choices. Readers of the book were presented with good and »

Lessons from 2014

2014 has been a fantastic year for me professionally. I spent the majority of the year working on a green field project with a great group of co-workers. I was »

Overusing Generics in .NET

Generic types were a great addition to C# 2.0, but they are occasionally overused. There are times where calling object.GetType() or passing the type as an argument are »