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Step DefinitionInstances
a baseline price of $<baseline> [copy]1 [show]
a co-located adjustment of <coLocAdjustment> and weight of <weight> [copy]1 [show]
an individual adjustment of <indvAdjustment> [copy]1 [show]
I have entered {number} into the calculator [copy]0
the address [copy]3 [show]
the following cars [copy]1 [show]
the service endpoint https://localhost/address [copy]1 [show]


Step DefinitionInstances
I calculate the final quote [copy]1 [show]
I press add [copy]0
I remove the 2nd product [copy]1 [show]
I save the address [copy]1 [show]
I update the 3rd product to Google Pixel [copy]1 [show]


Step DefinitionInstances
I should get a successful response [copy]1 [show]
the 3rd product should be Google Pixel [copy]1 [show]
the amount should be $<amount> [copy]1 [show]
the result should be {result} on the screen [copy]0
there are two products left [copy]1 [show]
validate the following cars [copy]1 [show]


Step DefinitionInstances