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Frank Drebin on IT (and Life)

In this latest installment, Frank Drebin shares his unique take on the state of IT and life in general.

On Haskell's Monads:

Haskell sounds like a nice guy, but I'm not going to discuss his private affairs.

On HTML and CSS:

There's no layout problem that another <div> won't solve.

On configuring a text editor in Git:

Learn VI instead. It's easier.

On parenthood:

I'm a father of two and a mother of none.

On religion:

I'm religious not spiritual.

On bros:

It's hard out there for a bro.

On breastfeeding women in public:

I've never breastfed a woman before, but it sounds exciting.

On the C# programming language:

C-hash is terrific language. I use it all the time.

On the Java programming language:

French roast, cream, no sugar.

On human euthanasia:

Given they're the largest demographic in the world, Asian youth represent the future of humankind.

On white people:

White people are such privileged racist assholes...but not you. You're cool.

On black people:

I have a lot of black friends. In fact, my brother's coworker's wife's best friend's hairdresser is black. I hear she's nice.

On Millennials:

OMG, Boomers and GenX r always throwing shade. SMH. So basic. Millennials r crushing it. Just sayin'. TL;DR: whatevs.

On cargo shorts:

I bought my first pair last year, and I'm still finding hidden pockets.

On hipsters:

They think they're cooler than the rest of us, and they're right.

On abortion:

I don't discuss sensitive topics.

On tabs or spaces:

I don't discuss sensitive topics.

On man-splaining:

Feminists are really struggling in the political arena right now. Maybe instead of inventing new words to ridicule men, they should enlist the help of men to tell them what to do next.

On VB6:

Every developer has a sordid past they'd like to forget.

On React.js programmers:

What's with all the hype? Even VB6 had composable UI components.

On non sequiturs:

I don't follow.