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Getting Started with Selenium, Specflow, and .NET

Selenium is a library used to automate web browsers. It uses a common web driver interface, and each web browser, Chrome, Firefox, IE, has a corresponding implementation that takes advantage »

Specflow Tags Done Right

In a previous post, I covered scoped bindings in Specflow and ended with an example of how not to use tags. In this post, I'll cover the "right way& »

An Introduction to Scoped Bindings in Specflow

One aspect of Specflow is the ability to scope bindings by feature title, scenario title, or tag. Normally bindings are global to the project, but a binding's scope can be »

Refactoring to Composable Specflow Steps

I've seen some pretty bad Specflow code. Code that seems to violate every good practice out there. Poor reuse. Copy and paste everywhere. Test code is the hotel room of »

Code This, Not That - Specflow Edition

In 2007 a different kind of diet book was published that took a concise approach to making the right food choices. Readers of the book were presented with good and »