A Short and Easy Introduction to .NET's Task Class

Task.Run You can use Task.Run to schedule a delegate to run on the thread pool. The method returns a new task, and if the work is complete, the »

Two Tips for Debugging Apps in IIS

If you develop web sites or services hosted in IIS, here are two tips to make debugging on your development machine easier. Disable Health Monitoring IIS application pools have health »

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Specflow Tags Done Right

In a previous post, I covered scoped bindings in Specflow and ended with an example of how not to use tags. In this post, I'll cover the "right way" and »

An Introduction to Scoped Bindings in Specflow

One aspect of Specflow is the ability to scope bindings by feature title, scenario title, or tag. Normally bindings are global to the project, but a binding's scope can be »

Refactoring to Composable Specflow Steps

I've seen some pretty bad Specflow code. Code that seems to violate every good practice out there. Poor reuse. Copy and paste everywhere. Test code is the hotel room of »

Tidying Up Code with C#'s Using Alias Directives

The C# language's using alias directives or namespace and type aliases provide a way to disambiguate between namespaces or types with the same name. For example, both the System.Net »

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This Week in Programming Gotchas

We all have those days where we spend hours trying to solve a seemingly simple problem only to smack ourselves in the head when we finally figure it out. Missing »

String.Empty Versus ""

If you've been in the .NET world for any length of time, you'll eventually come across someone who claims String.Empty performs better than "". I was always skeptical of this »

Async/Await and Recursion

While using the new async/await keywords in C# 5.0 for the first time, I noticed an interesting aspect to how recursive methods behave when using await. For one »

A Shared Development Database is Bad...Very Bad

The software development group at my office has a shared database that developers connect to for their daily work. In the last few months, the number of developers has doubled, »