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TaskCompletionSource - Bridging the Gap Between Old and New

In the latest versions of the .NET Framework, asynchronous work is represented by the Task class. A task is similar to a future or promise in other languages. You can »

In Defense of JSX

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How to Convert a React Mixin to a Component

In a previous post I covered an example of a React mixin which I called ClickAway that detected clicks anywhere outside of a component. I also mentioned mixins are not »

React By Example: Mixins

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React by Example: Stateless Functional Components

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React: First Impressions

I'm a React newbie who just completed my first React web app, a rewrite of an internal tool at work. Previously the UI was written in ASP.NET plus lots »

The Open-Closed Principle and Build Systems

Most developers are familiar with the Open-closed Principle in object-oriented programming. Entities should be open for extension but closed for modification. It serves as a useful guide for software design. »

Convert Truthy/Falsy to True/False with !!

I've been primarily coding in Javascript for a couple months now, and the language's quirks have become familiar, almost normal, to me. IIFEs, truthy/falsy, ===, and other weird language features »